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    The need for cost effective oil field protection has never been greater. With volatile crude oil prices, no one can afford downtime or theft. Margins are thin, and preventing breakage can mean the difference between profit and shutting down. With nothing to buy, startup costs a fraction of traditional SCADA systems, and low monthly access fees, cautiosystems offers what the oil industry needs today to maximize profits, keep equipment running, and prevent theft.

    cautiosystems consists of a team of experts in both the oil industry and technology. Two generations of oil professionals combined with the Director of Advanced Technologies for a Fortune 100 company combine to create the very best solutions for your oil & gas fields.

    Our professionals stand ready to evaluate your needs and supply a system that will help insure your oil & gas operations are the most efficient they can be, as well as the most secure. Authorized installers near you insure you get fast response on-site if needed. We understand that the continuous flow of oil & gas is the best way to keep the money flowing to our field owners.

    Our advanced surveillance cameras with embedded analytics help prevent the growing problem of theft from oil & gas fields. Theft from oil fields in the U.S. is 18% nationwide, and reaches 28% in some areas. International rates are even higher. Sensing oil flow interruptions, preventing unauthorized removal from tanks, and surveillance, combine with cautiosystems's other features to virtually eliminate undetected oil field theft.

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